How will you transform the lives of teens in Alberta?

Mental health is a growing area of awareness and advocacy in the social media space. It’s an exciting time in history when the stigma of mental health is steadily decreasing while our understanding of the human condition is rapidly growing. The world seems primed to address the things that we have swept under the rug for generations.

Even in this era of increased enlightenment the stats and official statements on teen mental health are heartbreaking. The need is real, the help is there– and together we can make accessing support easier than ever for youth in Alberta by removing financial barriers.

What is P.A.N.T.S. The Fundraiser

The short version– A silly idea quickly turned into a bold vision: to use endurance running (and a little humour) to raise funds and awareness of United Way of the Alberta Capital Region’s ‘All In for Youth’ school program.

On August 26th, 2022. Landon Hildebrand will run a 100 km route on the streets of Edmonton. Using the Strava running app, Landon will draw the shape of a pair of pants while supporters track his progress in real time.

P.A.N.T.S. The Fundraiser is an invitation to others who are passionate about youth mental health to donate to United Way and even join Landon in making their own “Strava art” by tracing their own pair of pants (or shorts) in the app as the run, bike or walk.

Our goal is to raise $24,750 to support All in for Youth, educate thousands of Albertans about the critical support that so many of our youth need, and give our community a meaningful way to engage and create change.

100% of all funds raised will be used by United Way to create better access to mental health resources through their well established All In for Youth programs.

Youth have experienced the greatest [mental health] declines since the pandemic began.
— Carla Hilario, University of Alberta

before the pandemic, 60% of youth aged 15-24 reported excellent or very good mental health—a number that dropped to 40%.
— Stats Canada

What’s the deal with Pants?

Pants are universal, you’ve heard the saying “we all put our pants on one legs at a time”- the bottomline: everyone owns a pair. Still, each pair is unique in its style, size, and fit. Even an identical pair of off the shelf pants hangs differently on each unique wearer. At Approach Psychology, we believe therapists are like pants and we strive to help each person find their ideal fit.

So Who’s behind it?

Approach Psychology exists to support community through mental health resources and activity while also creatively finding ways to make the world of psychology more accessible to everyone.

A transformative collaboration of 10 local organizations led by United Way, the All in for Youth initiative provides socially vulnerable youth with the wraparound supports they need on their journey to high school completion. The program’s holistic supports are delivered by experts and include mental health services to support the healthy development of youth and address the complex needs of families experiencing poverty. With AIFY resources embedded in right in the school, the stigma of accessing mental health support is reduced, making it more accessible than traditional mental health models in the community.

Thank you for your support.