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Where connection and neuroscience collide

If you’re here it’s probably because there is something specific you’re looking for help with. Whether it’s anxiety, family challenges, a difficult relationship, or you just can’t even anymore, we’re here for you. 

We love psychological theory. We even wrote out a whole paragraph about how dialectical behavioral therapy can change your life. But then we realized that probably means nothing to you.

But what do you care about? Results. 

Here are some of the services we offer and how we help people just like you.

How are you doing? No. How are you really doing?
Are you sick of social distancing? Does the thought of going back to work fill you with anxiety? Are your kids driving you insane? Are you avoiding your dad’s calls, because he only calls to criticize you? Or is everything in your life technically going okay, but you are still filled with existential exhaustion? We got you.


Are you and your partner always fighting about who has to take out the trash? Or are you avoiding talking about your prying mother-in-law so you don’t have another fight? Does it feel like your partner zones out every time you bring up work? Is there something stressing you out that you don’t know how to address? Sometimes you just need direction (or an unbiased facilitator) when dealing with differing opinions, stressful situations, miscommunication, or conflict. We can do that.

Families are complicated, to say the least. You have work to do and your kids want you to play with them (or if they are teenagers, they just want you to leave them alone). Your oldest is skipping school again. Your middle child is smoking weed in the bathroom. Your youngest is drawing on the walls. Your marriage needs some work. Honestly, who has the time to unpack all of that separately. Get it all done in one place; we know how to talk to families of all ages, stages, and maturity levels.

Being a kid in today’s society is cool because you have iPhones and snapchat filters and hoverboards, but you also have internet bullies, pressure to fit in, rising anxiety levels, and online school.

Our kids are going through a lot as they are learning how to navigate life for the first time. They don’t always have the tools they need to deal with these new, complex challenges, and we aren’t always equipped to help them. They also might not feel comfortable reaching out to us, or they might not know how. Either way, having a new, safe place to talk might be what your child needs to succeed. Whether it’s the loss of a grandparent, school stress, fights with a friend, or self-harm, we are prepared to help.

The way you think about yourself, your world, and your abilities has a direct impact on what you achieve. Whether you are training for a race, preparing for a business meeting, dancing on Tiktok, or climbing mount Everest, you need to understand the doubts, thought processes, or hang-ups that might be stopping you from reaching your dreams.

You don’t need to leave your home to get help. If you live in Alberta and have a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can have a session from home. We won’t even know if you don’t have pants on* or if you are rocking a pandemic mullet (business on the screen, party everywhere else).

*Pants not required but highly recommended

If I were you,

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