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Not all pants are the same…sure they all have cuffs, and legs, and waists…but yoga pants and overalls couldn’t be more different.  

Psychologists all have similar training and may use similar techniques, but like with pants, it’s about the fit and how they make you feel.

We will work to find the best fit for you based on your personality, experience, and needs. Using evidence-based theories as the backbone, we will find practical applications that will help you reach your goals and experience the change you want. 

Want to know more? We would LOVE to talk about cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, neuropsychotherapy, or existential approaches.

A different

Because one size does not fit all

Your individual experience in this world has shaped you to be unique. And because you are unique, we have to be unique too. 

There is no magic system that will work on everyone. We get to know you, your lived experiences, and your unique struggles so that we can fully support you, whatever that looks like. 



We want you to be authentic, so we are authentic too. We don’t hide our personality. Who we are with you is who we are with everyone.



I bought our team matching T-shirts, all size small. It fit some of the staff, but the rest of us were stuck wearing belly shirts for the week. We learned that with tee shirts, and therapy, the product should be designed around the person instead of trying to fit the person into the product. We design our sessions around your experiences and needs, not the other way around.



Theory only matters if it actually works in the real world. We blend evidence-based theory and practical application to create realistic goals, solutions, and plans that will improve your life. 



Everything in your life is connected. Like a really long domino chain that starts in the kitchen, goes down the hall, and knocks a ball into a cup in the laundry room (That’s not a weird analogy, right?). Instead of staring at the cup, wondering why the ball fell in, we are going to follow the metaphorical domino chain down the hall to figure out how everything is connected, and what set off the chain of events.



We are not here to waste your time. You deserve results. (The end).

What to expect

We want to get to know you. All of it. From birth to now. So that’s where we start.

When you come to Approach for the first time, it is important for us to hear your story so that we understand where you come from, what’s going on, and how we can support you. 

From there, we work together to figure out what is going on in your mind. We will partner with you to create tools and a roadmap to help you thrive. 


Meet our Founders

Landon and Lindsay Hildebrand

Approach Psychology has existed in one form or another since 2014. Initially, Approach was a side hustle, allowing Landon to reach a diverse population alongside his work in public health and the nonprofit sector. However, in 2020 as life changed for all of us, Landon and Lindsay decided the time was right to create a psychological practice that makes mental health supports available through creative avenues. Alongside traditional talk therapy, Approach intends to support community health through media, community events, and other creative avenues. Both Lindsay and Landon are passionate about community and see their knowledge and expertise as an important part of community health, beyond the counselling office. This is why you’ll often find the Approach team at running events, races, and recreational areas. If we are going to shift the way we see mental health, mental health supports need to shift both in how and where they are seen.

Meet The Team

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