Meet The Team

Peter Stone

Clinical Social Worker

I have always been curious about the human experience, how we all share the same fundamentals of what it is to be, yet are completely unique to one another.My 20 year career in the creative arts fostered a passion for community work. I loved harnessing the power of many to create spaces, experiences, and change that improved the lives of those in and around the community.  This fueled my passion to help people on an individualized and interpersonal level, which has led me here. I believe we all possess the strength and courage to make the most of the time that we are gifted here and I consider it a privilege if I can support someone in some small way to reach that goal.

My passion and curiosity about the human experience began at an early age, first through reading poetry, then moving on to some of the original radical minds in the mental health field such as Carl Jung and Carl Rogers, to modern innovators such as Gabor Mate and Bessel van der Kolk. What they all share is a belief in the power of people to not only endure but overcome and thrive through whatever they experience.

Furthermore, I am interested in the parts of our experience that are harder to explain, like the Celtic tradition of Samhain, where the veil between here and other places becomes thinner, and how this can lead to exploring deeper parts of ourselves.

I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker and have a Masters of Social Work from the University of Calgary. I have training in specific modalities that include Narrative Therapy, CBT and DBT. I enjoy working with children, youth, and adults.

Emily McDonald

Registered Psychologist

Emily is a Registered Psychologist with over eight years of experience in the healthcare industry. She holds a Master of Arts, Counselling Psychology degree from Yorkville University.
Emily works with individuals, couples, and youth. Emily uses a variety of approaches such as Emotionally focused therapy (EFT), Gottman Couples therapy (level 1), Dialectical Behavioral therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Grief therapy. Her commitment to professional development ensures she remains at the forefront of therapeutic techniques.. Emily is an incredible asset to our team, we think she is rad and are sure you will too!
Emily aims to always provide a safe and supportive environment to best help clients develop strategies to increase self-awareness, resilience, and the skills to build healthy relationships with themselves and others. She also employs a variety of evidence-based approaches to best suit the needs of her clients.
Emily spends her time baking, gardening, watching serial killer documentaries, and going for walks with her husband. She loves local events in the city and tries to experience as much as possible in the Edmonton community.

amanda mickalyk​

Provisional Psychologist

Amanda is a compassionate therapist that has experience working with adults, couples, children, and youth in public and non-profit organizations.

Amanda is driven by hope, and she believes in creating a therapeutic space that welcomes your strengths and, of course, your quirks. A flexible, workable approach, that fits your context, is important to her. She uses evidence-based approaches, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), and EMDR to support clients.

Her experience working with children and youth in schools, has kept her young at heart and given her a deep understanding of child and adolescent development. She is well equipped to help children and youth with a range of issues, including learning challenges and excellence, school avoidance, anxiety, and behavioural, social, and emotional learning.

Amanda likes to be outdoors hiking, biking or catching the sunset on a patio. She haunts local coffee shops and is often caught reading. She loves animals, pottery, singing all the tunes, and even going to therapy.

Lindsay Hildebrand

Co-Founder Owner

Counselling Therapist

Lindsay is Counselling Therapist member of the Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta and co-founder of Approach Psychology. She has 10 years of experience working in the mental health field having previously worked in the non-profit sector as a Child and Youth Care Worker and running mentorship programs throughout Edmonton and area. Lindsay has a MA in Counselling from Providence Seminary. Lindsay is a big fan of emotion focused therapy but integrates other evidence based theories such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Person Centered Therapy in her practice. Lindsay uses a collaborative approach to help clients articulate and understand more about their distress as they together work towards developing new patterns and coping mechanisms. Lindsay offers both in person and virtual counselling.When Lindsay is not working, she is often found running, hiking, and playing outside with her family. She also loves travelling, reading about psychology, and drinking good coffee (as a counsellor in Edmonton she has some opinions about the best coffee in the Whyte Ave area). Lindsay enjoys being around people and excited about meeting new clients at Approach.

Landon Hildebrand

Co-Founder Owner

M.A. Counselling Psychology
Registered Psychologist – Alberta, Canada

Landon has worked as a psychologist with children, youth, and adults in public health and private practice in throughout Alberta. He also worked as the clinical director and the housing director of a local Edmonton non profit working with unhoused populations. 

Landon is passionate about bringing an evidenced-based, creative approach to psychology as he works with clients dealing with a variety of mental health challenges as well as performance/sport psychology.


He loves skiing, long walks on the beach, mullets, studying neuropsychotherapy (whatever that is) and dogs. On the weekend, you will probably find him going on hikes with his family,  eating pizza, and running really long distances for fun (I think he needs a therapist).

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