What Therapy Looks Like

As you’ve gathered by now, we take a very personal and customized approach to how we work with clients. However, sometimes folks are ready to get started. So we offer you two options! (Or maybe three… we’ll see when this section ends.)


Option 1:
Book now online. It’s as easy as navigating some computer code and linking servers across unfathomable distances (or hopefully easier). Follow the book now button below, select a therapist, and book away!

Option 2:
Contact us. Not sure where to start or who would be a good fit? Send us a message through the form below and we will try our darndest to get in touch with you within 1 business day. Our absolute darndest.


Option 3:
Want to book but also have questions? Do we have a solution for you – combine options 1 and 2! Book away following the link above and let us know your questions in the Contact Us box below. (See? I told you this section would likely have more than two options!)

If you’re wondering what a session with Approach looks like, here’s a quick video to give you a taste:

Thanks for reaching out. We work hard to review every submission within 24hrs and will get back to you shortly to book a time that works for you.